Thursday, 26 February 2015

A to H

So happy to finally reveal this shared room for two gorgeous sibilngs Annabelle and Harry! It's not too girlie and not too boyish - but rather a happy medium! Enjoy your new space guys - happy times only in this room!!!!

Mellow Yellow

I love the way this baby boy nursery turned out - greys and yellows a match made in nursery heaven! The wallpaper makes such a vibrant statement in the room and combined with light wood accents is such an on trend combination! My favourite little addition to the room is the gorgeous night light made by Norm Architects which you can see perched next to the feeding chair on the storage cabinet.

Ski Space

My lovely client is very fortunate to have a house in Melbourne and in Mt Buller! He is an avid skier and wanted his room in Melbourne to reflect his passion. Thanks to Mt Buller Resort Management I was able to obtain a high resolution image of the mountain map and had it converted into wallpaper. Thanks also to House Of Orange who I worked with to create the best loft bed and desk any kid could ever wish for. To my lucky client ... I hope this room brings you lots of enjoyment!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fresh Mint

Loved completing this beautifully minty tween room for a gorgeous 10 year old girl. It's such a fresh young space to hang out with friends or do some serious homework at the super organised desk set-up area!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Safari Chic

I loved putting together this neutral nursery for little baby Louie - it's such a calming light filled space for Louie's Mum to tend to his every need!!!! I love all the wooden pieces I found to incorporate into the room - it gives the room a boyish feel perfect for a little growing man.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Arch

Archie is the cutest 5 year old ever (biased?) - he is a real boys boy and is obsessed with superhero's and sports! He also loves Lego and want's to display everything he makes. Archie loves football and barracks for Carlton and so loves to hang up team photo's and posters of Juddy .... much to my horror ... Let It Go ...

Millie Moo

What can I say about my happy free spirited 'fly by the seat of your pants' 8 year old daughter Millie! She is a real character that's for sure! She doesn't feel the need to keep a neat room at all and is only interested in filling up her room with Barbie's, American Girl dolls and Harajuku perfume!!! As a self confessed neat freak I find this very frustrating! As you can see Millie's bookcase and vanity are full to the brim with all the things she loves and I wouldn't have it any other way - that's Millie and her room reflects her personality to a tea!